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Companies Save Money with Pallet Recycling

March 20, 2010, 1:00 pm

Some businesses throw used and damaged pallets in general waste containers (dumpsters).  This practice costs these businesses money because the space in these containers is rented and valuable.


Pallets should not be placed in dumpsters for many reasons:


1.  Pallets waste valuable container space.


2.  Pallets may be heavy, difficult and dangerous for your employess to lift into containers.


3.  Pallets may damage hydraulic waste collection and compaction equipment.  Waste collection companies do not want pallets in containers.


4.  Pallets end up in landfills, an inefficient use of landfill space.


Save money by participating in a pallet recycling program such as that offered by Pelican State Pallets and Recycling.



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